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Tanya Frazee

Tanya Frazee

Meet Becky, Superstar Coach and Legacy Giver!

Becky Levy (right) and her great-niece celebrating at the GOTR 5K

Recently, Becky Levy, who has been a coach or site liaison at City Schools of Decatur's Fifth Avenue Academy for over five years, let me know that she had named Girls on the Run Georgia in her will.

As a development professional, I was so grateful that she shared this with me. We love being able to thank our legacy givers, and we want to keep them even more up to date as we plan for Girls on the Run’s future over time, since they are invested not only in our work right now, but in the future as well!

As a fellow coach and as someone who cares deeply about our mission, I was so touched that Becky was thinking not only about the 15 girls in front of her now, but about the ones who will come later - many decades from now. When I asked Becky about her “why,” she replied:

“As a Girls on the Run coach, I’ve seen firsthand how much this program helps girls become more confident. Girls on the Run is so much more than a program about running. These girls learn to be part of a team, and how to support one another; they also get to practice new skills and ways to express their emotions.

Girls on the Run is a special program that helps girls meet their potential. I donate to Girls on the Run because I want to see more girls be able to participate. My donation can also help provide things like shoes and running bras that help all girls access the program.

I believe supporting Girls on the Run helps to impact the girls, their families, and the communities where they live. Being a GOTR coach and supporter is something I believe makes a difference, one girl at a time.”

I love the way that Becky called out not only the benefits to girls - helping them build confidence, practice social-emotional skills and reach their potential - but the ripple effects of Girls on the Run programs as well. Will you consider joining Becky in leaving a legacy that will benefit girls, families and communities to come?


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