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Girls on the Run

Girls on the Run

Ramadan is Starting

Image with the text Ramadan Mubarak

RAMADAN MUBARAK! Did you know that this year, Ramadan (the Muslim holy month of fasting) begins on Wednesday, March 22 and will end on Friday, April 21? While many younger participants may not be fasting yet, throughout Ramadan our Muslim coaches, older participants and adult family members may be fasting, which includes abstaining from water, from sunrise to sunset. Join us in being aware, respectful and supportive of that as we embrace our differences and find strength in our connectedness.

FAQ's about Ramadan:

Who fasts? 

Muslim men and women who have reached puberty are obligated to fast during Ramadan. There are situations of hardships where people are exempt from fasting. This includes: women who are pregnant, nursing or are menstruating; or those that are too weak or ill to fast. It is not appropriate to make assumptions of who should or should not be fasting.  

Eid Al- Fitr (Festival of the Breaking of the Fast) 

At the end of Ramadan Muslims celebrate Eid Al-Fitr. This marks the end of Ramadan, and nobody is fasting on this day. It is celebrated with prayer in the morning, followed by community festivities.  

What terms should I know? 

Sahoor- Pre-dawn meal (breakfast before sunrise) 

Iftar- Breaking of the fast (at sunset) 

Ramadan Mubarak -Translates to Blessed Ramadan. You can say this or Happy Ramadan to fasting participants.  

Is it appropriate to ask who is fasting? 

YES. It is important for girls to know that they are being thought of and that their coaches are knowledgeable on fasting.  

Ask: Will anyone be observing Ramadan? If girls do not understand what “observing” means you can ask, ‘Will anyone be fasting during the month of Ramadan with their family?’ This way girls will understand what you are asking, and as a coach you will know if you need to reach out to families and talk about ways to modify the lesson for those who may be fasting. 

Should I communicate with parents? 

YES. For some participants it may be their first year fasting during Ramadan, so it is important to have this conversation as soon as possible. With Ramadan almost upon us, it is important for families and coaches to connect on how lessons during Ramadan could be modified to accommodate participants who may be fasting. 

What are good practices to prepare for fasting?

Hydrate at least a week in advance. When fasting begins, hydrate throughout the night even after breaking fast and if possible every hour until sahoor (morning meal). Over the course of the night and the morning, consume half your weight in ounces. 



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